taste THE WILD

Interested in Learning how to Forage?
Join us in the North Coast Great Bear Rain Forest 
for an educational discovery of Wild Plants, Wild mushrooms & other Wild Edibles.




Are you interested in Learning about the Wild Edibles that grow in the Skeena Valley?
What about learning how to harvest and collect your own? 
Walk with us & let us show you the Taste of the Wild!!


   seasonal Foraging Workshops & Walks


Seasonal Nature Walk with Plant ID
duration:   1 hour                          Tour dates:   Spring to Fall
 Go on a beautiful walk in the woods and learn about 5 Wild Plants & there uses

Also have the opportunity to pick a wild tea mixture or something for dinner


SPring Forage - taste of the wild walk
duration:  1 hour                       Tour dates:  may - june
Take a walk in natures grocery store and pick the springs wild greens available in the area
Ethically, Sustainably & locally sourced
Learn how to harvest, process and cook your Wild Forest Greens.


Devils club workshop
duration:  4 night/3 day
                   Tour dates:  may - june
This workshop is a weekend adventure!
Learn about this highly medicinal & incredible plant in the field, and at our cozy lodge.

Learn how to sustainably Harvest &  process Devils Club to make your very own Salve during your stay.
Hike into a Beautiful Waterfall Hike with plant id  and end your stay with a hearty foragers dinner
with Local Wine & Beer tasting

Lodging, Meals & Airport Shuttle included
Foragers Swag Bag included 


Mushroom Walk
duration:  1 hour
                 Tour dates:  july - november
Take a stroll and learn about the edible mushrooms that are in season.
we will discuss how to harvest, store, preserve & cook the mushrooms we find.















What to Bring / What to Wear:
Long Sleeve is Recommended 
Jeans or outdoor pants - No shorts
ood hiking footwear - No Flip Flops
Water bottle
Basket or Bag for picking 
Small Folding Knife 

Bear Spray or Bangers


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