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Custom Packages

Explore the Great NORTH 

Prime Time Fly Fishing & Outdoor Adventures Values your Outdoor interests
Every trip we offer is customized to make sure you get the most out of your stay.

We offer a variety of individual trips or we can customize and combine packages.
We highly recommend the Ultimate Adventure Package when booking.
This package will give you a true Canadian outdoor Experience.
 Everything we have to offer in one combined trip.

- Fly & conventional fishing - Horseback Mountain Trail Riding
paddle tours Jet boat & Rafting Tours- Wildlife & whale watching 
Hike . camp . explore - Survival Wilderness Camps
the ultimate adventure  

There will be an arranged Airport Shuttle service upon every booking - Arrival & Departure. 
To get to Terrace, British Columbia our connecting Airport is through Vancouver international.  
*Arrival days are included in your booking. 

First day upon arrival will be an Orientation & Setup.
Depending on the trip will decide the duration needed. ( from an hour, to a full day. )

Each trip has a list of items required for you to bring.

All Meals & Non - Alcoholic Beverages are included with your stay. 
We ask all Guests to be fair and provide a Gratuity to our Guides.
They work hard to provide you with the absolute best experience.

if you are booking your child in with our Survival Wilderness Camp,  a Guardian or Parent

must be present on Location during the trip. 
1 Adult for every 3 - 4 Kids
Ages 10 and up

All Allergies and or Injuries must be noted in your booking. 
Being in Good Physical Condition is recommended for the majority of our trips. 

Click on one of the Highlighted trips above to be directed to each individual trip.
Thanks for taking Interest in Prime Time Fly Fishing & Outdoor Adventures,
Lets get a trip started for you today!



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